Créditos: Iva Viana Atelier de Escultura & PICUS © 2017, all copyrights reserved.

Credits: Iva Viana Atelier de Escultura & WHOA | WHOA © 2013, all copyrights reserved.

Iva Viana – Sculpture Atelier is born in 2013, in Viana do Castelo, as a personal creative space, and as a result of the will to explore, with absolute freedom and autonomy, the experience gained, namely related to the traditional technique of ornamental sculpture in plaster, creating signed works and pieces.

The passion for “handmade” and the continuous experimentation on the interconnection of manual proceedings of stucco moulding and modern processes of casting different materials, set up the craved instance where past and future meet, as for objects, buildings or even landscapes, which she wants to take part in.

It is a convergence exercise, which asserts itself with technical over-refinement, through which concepts and sensations become one and combine themselves creatively , incorporating an original aesthetic tone, into a complex, detailed tactile and visual metaphor, from which one defines the very own essence of each project.